Exchange students experience American culture


Exchange students (l-r) Francesca Luca from Italy and Klara Ernst from Germany work together to complete an assignment in the chemistry lab.

Faith Frost, News Writer

    This school year Montevallo High School welcomes two foreign exchange students:  Klara Birsen Ernst from Germany and Francesca Luca from Italy. Both of these girls are juniors and are very excited about their new lives in America.
    “I hope that while I am here I become more independent, learn to solve problems alone, and grow up and become an adult.” Luca said. “I would also like to learn to see the world from other perspectives, and learn the American culture and language better.”
    Both Ernst and Luca have been studying English for six years and know several other languages as well.
    “I know Spanish and a little bit of Turkish,” Ernst said.
    In addition to English, Luca speaks French and German, and she is currently taking Spanish classes.
    When asked which are more challenging, American schools or the schools of their home countries, Ernst said American schools are more difficult for her because of the different language, and Luca said that Italian schools are rigorous because there are a lot more subjects and homework.
    Both Ernst and Luca will be staying in theU.S.for one school year.
    When asked the most noticeable difference between their home countries and the U.S., Ernst said that Germany is a lot older, and Luca said that everything in the U.S. is spread out.
    Both of these girls agree that more students should try traveling to foreign countries.  
    “Cultures and languages are important,” Luca said. “We all should be willing to learn of a culture other than our own.”