Making Wishes Come True


Leila Mendonca, Reporter

The holiday season is right around the corner and Montevallo High School’s Spanish Club is getting ready to spread the greatest gift of joy!

Christmas is a time for family and friends. It is a beautiful season and a humbling show of humanity where we celebrate with the people closest to us to display our love, giving, sharing, and partaking together. As many families during this season are able to show this love through the tradition of gift giving, many families that are in need are not able to do so. 

This Christmas the Spanish Club is spreading seasonal love by reaching out and fulfilling the Christmas wish lists of two Hispanic families from Montevallo that are in need. They are collecting the families’ wish list items that include anything from kitchenware to kids tennis shoes. Although charity is important all year long, the Spanish Club President Michelle Aguilar says that it is important to help those in need especially during the holiday season as it can “help bring some hope and cheer to those who need it most.” Another member, Aiden Glenn, says that “The opportunity to help people in need, especially in our own community, is very exciting, specifically since we will be able to bring them joy and comfort over the Christmas season, a time that may be difficult for them.” 

MHS is so proud of the Spanish Club’s graciousness and all they are doing for our community!