Students view eclipse on front lawn


Avery Lawley

Junior Elizabeth Hughston enjoys a view of the solar eclipse, Monday, Oct. 21.

Georgia Hughes, News Writer

Students at Montevallo High got to witness an eclipse with 93% coverage on the front school lawn, Monday, Oct. 21.  This was the first time in over 30 years, the moon passed between the earth and the sun for a total eclipse that spanned across the United States.

“It was more than I expected,” sophomore Savannah Polk said.  “The glasses really enabled me to get a good view of the moon passing over the sun.”

Principal Brandon Turner provided glasses for all students who were interested in viewing this historic event.

“I felt it was important for our students to witness this once in a lifetime event that won’t happen again for a long time,”  Turner said.  “It was an easy decision because our students know how to act when opportunities like this come around.”

Science teachers spent the week up to the event discussing the historic timeline of eclipses, the science behind the event, and the importance of protecting your eyes in viewing it.

“It was the perfect day,” physical teacher Maury Grayson said.  “The eclipse was visible and an overall educational experience for the students to see.”

Several students traveled to Tennessee where solar totality was expected.  Seniors Eli Cost, Jason Ocampo, Mark Gallegos, Adam Jones and Connor Spears made the trek.

“We went up Sunday and spent the night on the land of a friends where we slept in tents and hammocks,” Jones said.  “It was an experience of a lifetime.”

Ocampo agreed.

“The eclipse was absolutely beautiful,” Ocampo said.  “When I first saw it I was in complete awe and had this incredible sense of accomplishment.”

Junior Leah Waites also made to the trip to Tennessee with her family.

“It was well worth the trip to go and see it,” Waites said.  “It was incredible and I’ll remember it forever.”