Archery team looks forward to a promising season

Kim Garcia, Reporter

The MHS archery team consists of 5 boys and 11 girls and their coach, Mr.Martin. Archery started November and ends in April, they usually practice after school on Fridays. The archery team has been working extremely hard for their first match which is a regional tournament on March 13, 2020. 

When asked how he feels about the archery team head coach Mr.Martin said, “They are an excellent group of kids they have been on the team since middle school and it’s great experience to build sportsmanship and allows some kids who would not otherwise be able to compete in other sports to compete in something in a state level and focus on improving themselves.”  

When asked how he thinks this season will compare to last season, Junior Justin Hyde said, “Compared to last year, this season will be better in the fact that we have more experience and we are closer as a team.”

The Montevallo archery team is continuing to grow as a team and it looks like they have a promising season ahead of them.