Juniors take home spirit stick in pep rally


Jake Grant-George

The junior class sings the Alma Mater after being announced as the winner of the spirit stick.

Jackson Burns, News Writer

Students, faculty and cheerleaders decked out in red, white, and blue in hopes to out patriot the Patriots as the school held its second pep rally in support of the football team playing American Christian Academy, Friday Sept. 21.

The pep rally included several grade level competitions including a relay challenge consisting of eating an entire fruit roll up, eating an Oreo from your forehead without using your hands, knocking over a bottle of water by pantyhose bowling, and chugging down a full can of coke. The seniors took home first place in the challenge.  There was also a rap contest between the grades with the sophomores clearly taking winning first place.

Seniors football players, Will Howell, Jay Sullens, and JJ Evans, then hyped up the students for the game.

“Come out to the game and watch us getting this dub!” Evans said.

During the event, the cheerleaders and danceline performed while the band played.  

The juniors came away with the spirit stick.