A night for seniors to shine


Beth House

Senior football players were surprised by their moms at the pep rally.

Jaden Moody and Morgan Honeycutt

On October 18 2019, Montevallo High School Bulldogs had their last regularly scheduled home football game of the season against the Sipsey Valley Bears. This game was special to many because it was Senior Night. There were 13 football players, Jamarius Carter, Malik Inabinette, Xavier Bryant, Jaylon Mckenzie, Grant Cordes, Jemari Harris, Jay’vion Seay, JJ Evans, Blake Cummings, Carl Sellers, Josh Mims, Deon Gilliland, and Rankin Allen. There were 5 band members, EmilyAnne Smith, Miranda Martin, Peter Jackson, Jaquel WIlliams, and Scott Yancy. Last but not least, there were 2 cheerleaders, MyCaya Jones and Chaniya Reed.

At 6:30 that night, all of the seniors from the football team, band, and cheer team lined up across the field to get recognized. They all individually got announced as well as what their plans were after high school. 

Senior cheerleader MyCaya Jones said that Senior Night  “was very exciting and it made me a little emotional when I realized that this was going to be my last year here at MHS.”

 The students got escorted alongside their parents and/or loved ones. Most of them received gifts or small items to acknowledge their achievement of making it to senior year.   

Senior football player JJ Evans remarked, “It was a special night and it boosted my confidence to go out and win the game”. 

Overall, MHS Senior Night was an unforgettable experience and we are all grateful for the opportunity to get to know all of the hard working athletes that were a part of our sports programs but we are a little sad to have to let them go.